Money Talk & NYC Tax Prep Seminar

Lots of stuff about money today…

Talk of finances is heating up over at the CFC LinkedIn Group. I posted two discussions recently. I’m looking for tax questions you need answered (for my new book), and I want to know whether or not you know your numbers.

And, if you’re in the NYC area, there is a Freelancers Union seminar tomorrow (Feb 10th) called: Preparing Your Federal Tax Return: Form 1040 and Schedule C. It will be held at the Empire Building in Brooklyn from 6:30 – 8:30PM. Details here.

Ready to talk money? Give us your input on these two discussions, either here, or over at LinkedIn:

Do you know your numbers?

At CFC in June, Galia Gichon of Down to Earth Finance will be presenting a very practical nuts 'n bolts session called, "It's Your Money, So Take it Personally," in which she will talk about what you can control in your financial situation, even if you don't always know where the next project is coming from.

In a recent interview, she talked about the importance of "knowing your numbers" — especially what you owe, what you own, what you spend and what you earn.

Do you know these things off the top of your head? If not, why not? And if you do, what have you done to make this possible and how has it affected your business and your life?

Do you have tax questions?

For my new book, The Creative Professional's Guide to Money, I'm going to include a chapter on taxes, of course, and will get June Walker (who spoke on taxes at last year's CFC) to answer them.

Since tax time is coming up, this is probably a good time for this topic anyway. So post your questions here, especially the ones you think are the most basic or stupid but you really don't know the answers to.