More companies using freelancers.

You'll be happy to hear this bit of news: a report on today notes that companies are increasingly hiring freelancers, as business generally becomes more project-oriented, and it becomes easier and more economical to hire on a project basis than full-time.

From the article:

More companies are using freelancers because their businesses are becoming more project-based, one expert said.

"As business models change, you get a lot of organizational upset and
that adds to the economic uncertainty," said Joe Pastore, professor
emeritus of management science at Pace University. A business "really
can't see out much more than a year perhaps. And you're operating from
business cycle to business cycle."

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One thought on “More companies using freelancers.

  1. Kathy Piersall

    Sounds like good news to me! Right now it’s hard to know what to believe or realistically hope for, much less plan for. Thanks for passing this on.