Getting the WOW factor with an iPhone

Most graphic designers are "Macs." And a good number of us have iPhones or an iPod Touch. I recently discovered that I could use the Photos Application as an easy-to-carry portfolio with a WOW factor.

This week I attended a local chamber Women in Business lunch, and found myself seated next to a decision maker in one of the focus markets that I've been researching with Ilise, in the same Marketing Plan Group as Deidre. After chatting with the woman for a while, I told her that I own a graphic design business with some experience in her market. I then whipped out my iPod, and proceeded to dazzle with crisp backlit images of my work that I could describe in detail while she viewed the image.

To create this digital portfolio, I first resized all my images to fit the iPhone / iPod dimensions of 320 x 480 pixels and saved the images as jpegs into a folder I named "Portfolio."  The Portfolio folder is within another folder called iPod Photos. To transfer files to my iPod, I use the sync settings in iTunes.  Since iTunes will only allow you to sync from one location on your computer, iPod Photos is my top level folder. Within it I have subfolders for Portfolio and others for Family, etc. When I connect my iPod to my computer all the images and folders in iPod Photos are automatically updated through the iTunes sync settings.

I always have my iPod with me, since it also contains iCal with all of my appointments. Now I am always ready to present samples of my work, which can be updated quickly as needed.

Special thanks to Lisa at Lisa Smith Youngdahl Graphic Design in Batavia, IL.