No Creative is an Island

Running a graphic design business is hard work. But despite the illusion, you don't have to do it alone. CFC attendee Velvette de Laney has written a blog post for Jeni Herberger’s blog called “No Designer is an Island.” Here is an excerpt:

I’ve been a graphic designer for more than 14 years, mostly in the corporate world. In all that time I held on to the idea that those magical and insanely talented designers with their world-famous studios not only got there on talent alone, but that maintaining that studio was an effortless, creative smorgasbord that kept them happy all the time. Ok, granted, I can be a bit naive, but, oh, the idea of it…

I’ve known for years that I was better suited to a work situation that didn’t require a cubicle wall or those quippy “it’s a Monday” sayings from co-workers. It just wasn’t me. I think my bosses knew it too. After departing from this world (ok, I was laid-off, but that doesn’t sound as enlightened!), I started over and pursued my freelance business full time. Within these first 2 years, I’ve learned a few things—one in particular I’d like to share. “Doing it alone” is bogus!

Read the rest here.

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