Numero: A Numerical Pop-Up Book Design

“Numero” is a new design-work-come-pop-up-book from graphic artist and illustrator Marion Bataille. You may remember Bataille from her award-winning alphabet book “ABC 3D.”

numero by marion bataille

In “Numero,” counting from zero to 10 becomes a visual art in which the numbers pop up from page to page, transforming zeros and ones into every other numeral. The number five, for example, is comprised of a vertical one, a horizontal one and a zero. See the progression as of three numbers into a single digit below.

numero one, one, zero

numero pop-up number five

numero five

This imaginative twist on counting will delight children learning their numbers and adults who will see the beauty in such a simply designed artwork. To order the book for your family, head to the Chronicle Books website. You can also watch a YouTube trailer for the video below.


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