Glass half full.

On one of our LinkedIn groups recently, someone commented that he simply is not choosing to participate in this recession. We know this instinctively: that we can allow ourselves to get sucked into the negativity or we can seek a better path.

I've put on those special glasses that allow me to see what's beyond this week's headlines and the latest financial statements: opportunity. We've dedicated this blog—heck, the Creative Freelancer Conference itself—to helping you seize that opportunity. We'll be posting links and resources to help you thrive, and we invite you to share your own advice and experiences. Chew on these articles:

• Experts say dropping the price for your design services should absolutely be a last resort. Here's how to avoid discounts, and how to do it smartly if you must.

• Peleg Top, Steven Morris, Petrula Vrontikis, John Travis and Michael
Hodgson recently shared their advice and expertise. A major topic of discussion: how the economy will affect the
design industry, and the steps these veterans are taking to thrive
during lean times. Here's video of that conversation.