One designer’s list of never-do’s

In her latest newsletter, Favorite Rules for Doing Business: The 4 Nevers, CFC attendee, Laurel Black, shares the list of “nevers,” that keep her business moving in the right direction. Here’s one:

Never work with anyone who treats you like you’re stupid.
Over the years, I have found that no matter how much you want a project, it isn’t worth putting up with disrespect or abuse. If a customer refuses to treat you as a fellow human being, or thinks that paying you for your product or service also buys the right to be obnoxious, flee for the hills. Life is too short and you will never be that hungry.

Read the rest of Laurel’s “nevers” here.

One thought on “One designer’s list of never-do’s

  1. Kristin Maija Peterson

    I just ran into Laurel’s No.3 Never Do. However, the circumstances are a little different. I’m working with a project manager who set the price on a project for a non-profit, assuming I would be OK with it. You can bet I had a conversation with the project manager. We’re new to working together and she has a great deal of respect for my work, but this was a red flag.