Overcome Your Psychological Obstacles to Marketing

Ilise BenunIt’s Marketing Monday again! So here’s what we have for you.

In the New York Times Bucks blog recently there was a post called, How to Improve Your Financial Willpower, that outlined 3 ways to use psychological principles to change your behavior regarding money. I think they apply perfectly to marketing too.

According to the article, “…new psychological research finally acknowledges that willpower is a limited resource. As Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg says, “In the long term, willpower alone won’t work for difficult behaviors. You need to take a different approach, such as changing your environment, removing triggers and taking baby steps.”

Here’s my take on how that applies to marketing:

  1. Automation. Automate your marketing. Instead of relying on yourself to decide what to do, find a tool that will tell you what to do. Then all you have to do is do it! (The 2011 Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan + Calendar is tailored to creative freelancers so it knows exactly what you should be doing.)
  2. Attitude. Use your behavior to change your attitude. Instead of waiting until you feel motivated to do your marketing, do the marketing actions and tasks first, which will motivate you to do more. It works!
  3. Focus. Stop trying to market to everyone with every marketing tool at your disposal. It’s impossible! Choose 3 or 4 or 5 tools, the ones you know you can rely on to drum up business when you need it most. Don’t try to do more than you have time for.

BTW: The 2011 Marketing Plan + Calendar can help you with all 3 of these. Download it now.