Recordings from HOW Design Live/CFBC 2014 Now Available

Recordings CFBC imageWhether you were in Boston or not, you will want to get access to the 2014 Creative Freelancer Business Conference Collection audio recordings. It includes not only the CFBC sessions, but additional bonus sessions from HOW Design Live that are relevant to freelancers or anyone running their own business.

This collection of audio and video recordings includes a total of 22 recordings (14 video & 8 audio) for only $99!

Once you purchase this bundle, these recordings are yours to download and listen to as often as you’d like. The total retail value of these sessions, if purchased individually, is $689.78. In this incredible bundle, you get them all for just $99.99. You save over 80% with this collection!! Here’s what you get:

2014 Creative Freelancers Business Collection

Enjoy these recordings from the 2014 Creative Freelance Business Conference. In this collection you’ll learn how to create a business action plan, find out what buyers are really looking for, pick up winning sales strategies, price and negotiate with confidence, and get new business from clients who recognize your value-all so that you can concentrate on the creative work you love.

Best Practices for Graphic Design Proposals
Ilise Benun, founder of and editor of The Designer’s Proposal Bundle (Volumes 1 and 2), will present best practices for writing design proposals that will get you the job.

Build Your Own Brand: A 10-Step Guide
The helpful advice and 10-step system you’ll learn from Robin Landa of Kean University will teach you how to develop and employ your personal brand essence, visual identity and style, resume and elevator pitch, and more.<

Building Better Brands
Enhance your knowledge of the branding process or take a leadership role in advancing your organization’s brand at this session with Scott Lerman, author of Building Better Brands, who will share the processes and frameworks you need to build great brands.

Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Design
Find out how you can collaborate more effectively at this session with Frank Baseman of Baseman Design Associates and Philadelphia University. Frank will present several case studies from his Design Workshop course involving students working on complex, semesterlong, collaborative, interdisciplinary team-based projects.

Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding (and How to Fix Them)
In this presentation, Marcia Hoeck of Hoeck Associates and Ed Roach of The Branding Experts will show you how to think about branding and present it to clients on a broader business level, so you’ll gain their enthusiastic support and understanding of its value-which means you can charge what it’s really worth.

Creating a Business Action Plan
Are you feeling stuck? Unfocused? Disorganized? Corwin Hiebert of the Taendem Agency will show you how to take back control with a Business Action Plan (BAP). This jam-packed session cuts to the chase to show you how you can create a business plan that doesn’t suck.

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design
This session with Douglas Davis of The Davis Group LLC and the NYC College of Technology will give you the tools to provide value when design conversations veer off into marketing territory. You will learn how to recognize what marketing prospects are asking for and integrate business considerations into your creative strategy and execution.

Designing for Success
Pearlfisher’s Hamish Campbell will join David Hartman, Senior Creative Manager at Target, to discuss the role of design for brands big and small and how design can make a positive impact on business.

How Design Enhances Business Strategy and Total Value
In this session, Experience Design Pioneer Nathan Shedroff will teach you how to bridge the deepest cultural differences that set you up for failure, and share the most important learnings from business school saving you two years and $80,000 in the process!

Is Your Work Eating Your Life Alive?
Freelancers Speak on Work/Life Balance Four creative freelancers-Jill Anderson, Jenn David Connolly, Laura Foley and Tom Tumbusch-will each have 10 minutes to speak about how they manage freelancing while parenting, carving out weekends and setting boundaries in both arenas.

Learn by Doing and Have Fun Doing It 
Jim Krause of Jim Krause Design will show you how you can carve out niches of extra-curricular time for enjoyable hands-on art, design and photography activities – projects that will sharpen your current strengths, help you develop new skills and satisfy your craving to make stuff just for you and just for fun.

Malcolm Gladwell in Conversation with DeeDee Gordon – Keynote
Malcolm Gladwell featured DeeDee Gordon in The Tipping Point and called her a “cool hunter” an interpreter of youth trends for corporate America. Malcolm has been called a “detective of fads,” toppling the popular understanding of bias, crime, food, marketing, race, consumers and intelligence. Watch what happens when these two take the stage together.

Putting Together and Pitching a Digital Portfolio That Lands You Work
Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group, will walk you through the key steps of building an online book that showcases your core strengths, speaks directly to employers’ or clients’ needs, and wins you work, whether it’s choice assignments at your current job or new business.

Ready. Set. Reinvent!
This session is dedicated to George Eliot’s maxim: “It’s never too late to be what you could have been.” Author Alina Wheeler will walk you through everything you ever wanted to know about reinvention with a step-by-step guide to making major life changes.

Sales & Self-Promotion Strategies for Creatives 
Jen Lombardi of Kiwi Creative will teach you how to identify your target client (while weeding out any bad apples), approach prospects in a meaningful and consistent way using a defined sales cycle, and supplement your active business development efforts with more passive, but still very effective, marketing techniques.

Shut Your Monkey: How to Control Your Inner Critic and Unleash Your Creativity
Learn how your inner critic, once managed, can inspire better work. Drawing on his thirty years of experience as a creative director and author, Danny Gregory will show you techniques to put your inner critic in its place and understand its role and purpose in the creative process.

Solving Your Biggest Creative Problem: The Client
How do you deal with a problem client? Do you tough it out, look for a workaround, try to educate or just back away slowly? Doug Dolan of Doug Dolan Communications Inc. offers some lessons learned (the hard way) on what’s worth trying… and when to head for the exit.

The Art of Artifacts: How To Use Graphic Treasures from the American Underbelly in Your Work
Find a new source of inspiration for your design when Aaron Draplin provides a look deep inside the Draplin Design Co. way of junkin’, rescuing and championing the forgotten graphic treasures of America’s underbelly.

The How-Tos of Virtual Teams
Learn strategies and tips for leading and managing a virtual team, being part of one and selling them to clients in this panel composed of veteran longdistance team members Damien Golden of iKANDE Advertising, Elke Giba of Giba Group, Julie Lang of Julie Lang D+AD and Stephanie Helline of Strategic Design Studio.

The Intimacies of Pricing Your Customer 
The act of pricing your customer is both a strategic process and a very relationally intimate and holistic one. Gain confidence in your ability to effectively price your customers while converting them from “customers” to “believers” at this session with Jason Blumer of Blumer CPAs.

The LogoLounge Trend Report
Learn to spot patterns and trends you can use to inspire your branding work. In this session, Bill Gardner will reveal the trends including transparencies, faceting, motion and hand-crafted aesthetics he observed while working on the 2013 LogoLounge Logo Trend Report.

The Sky’s the Limit for Fearless Freelancers (and Networking Prep)
Ilise Benun kicks off the 7th annual Creative Freelancer Business Conference in her trademark warm, collegial style with a networking and info session where you’ll learn what it takes to succeed as a freelancer, options for growing your freelancing business, and examples of success stories from our very own community.