Renew with “Rework”

reworkA colleague recommended that I get the new book, “Remote” knowing I was in the process of developing a remote worker strategy for my team. I accidentally ordered “Rework” by the same authors, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, and I am so glad I did. It is the most powerful, insightful and concise book I’ve ever read about how to start or run a business.

I can understand, as a leader or member of an in-house creative team, you may wonder what this topic would have to do with you and my response would be everything and nothing. Everything if you want to take ownership of your and your team’s professional fate and nothing if you’re content to be a cog in the corporate wheel.

The authors, the founder of 37 signals, the company that gave us Basecamp, serve up actionable advice on the behaviors, practices and mindset required to create a truly high functioning, innovative and effective team. The primary themes that run throughout the book include simplification/less is more, focus, small is good, take action and work smart – not hard. Pretty basic stuff but they offer specific insights and anecdotes that really drive home the urgency you need to place on these proposed culture shifts.

Unless you’re completely satisfied with the status quo where you work, this should be the next book on your reading list.

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