Rocking Social Media: Twitterview with Communicatrix

Since Colleen Wainwright, aka the Communicatrix, will be speaking about social media at CFC next week, it seemed appropriate to try a demonstration of the power of social media. So I interviewed her via Twitter—a twitterview (due credit to our friends at Neenah Paper for turning us on to this idea).

In case you missed the live chat, here's a recap (in the 140-character parameter that Twitter imposes). My tweets are in bold, followed by Colleen's smart responses:

First, a bit about you …
Recovering copywriter/designer/actor, using powers for good, not evil.

As an aside, is it me, or is this kinda like IM, but, well, not …
Yes! In fact, I sum up Twitter (to n00bs) as "a kind of public IM + cocktail party – cocktails"

Let’s start right here. Twitter: Great biz dev tool 4 freelancers or total time suck? Or both?
Both or neither, depending on how you use (or abuse it).

The magic formula: Be Useful. Be Specific. Be nice. (and set time limits for usage!)

Whaddaya mean by setting time limits for usage? So you don't waste the whole day? What's your secret?
"Always-on" is a hazardous setting for any endeavor. I drop in as a break between "chunks" of work.

How impt is consistent voice/image across all social media outlets? (You do that well, BTW)
It is of PARAMOUNT importance. Get your main msg clear and set defined goals before you blast yourself into universe.

Social media can be so random … what kind of goals do you mean?
eg, "connect with peers," "show utility/value to prospects," etc. Mine is mostly to provide utility & entertain.

It's helpful if there's a way to measure your success, but that's not always possible. And do *not* count followers!

Any tips for finding prospective clients (not just pals) on Twitter/FB?
You need to define your market 1st. Then do keyword/phrase searches, both inside and outside of Twitter/FB.

Twitter/FB are best at cultivating relationships. Don't forget to build on the ones you already have, too. (Esp. via FB)

How best 2 use social media 2 steer people back 2 your own site? Is that the ultimate goal (should it be)?
It is. Best way? Be utterly fascinating, always on point, incredibly useful. People *will* want to know more.

Twitter drives 20-30% of my traffic to main website!

Finally, it's OK to just chat via Twitter, but don't neglect your mothership. Twitter (or FB/etc) could go away tomorrow.

Great point: Twitter/FB could become soooo passé when the next big thing comes along.
Definitely—Friendster, anyone?

How can creatives who work solo take max advantage of social aspects of social media?
Yikes! Big one! Best advice: get out of scarcity mode and share. Be generous, be awesome: links, ideas, advice, support.

Recap tips from .@PlanetCtrix re social media: Be helpful/interesting/generous. Define market, goals. Send peeps 2 your site 4 more.

Interested in seeing the twitterview in action? Search the tag #CFConf on Twitter to find our conversation. And tune in to learn more from Colleen in her session next week!

2 thoughts on “Rocking Social Media: Twitterview with Communicatrix

  1. the communicatrix

    I must confess, that was way more fun than it should have been. Next time, I’ll set up a keystroke shortcut for the hashtag, so I remember it (no hashtag = looooong delays in the conversation!).
    Oh, and if anyone’s interested, I can decipher that for you, too, next week.

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