SHINE sneak preview for CFC attendees

We have a very special treat for CFC attendees! We'll be screening a sneak preview of SHINE, "a big film about small business" produced by and not due to premiere until 2010.

Our sneak preview will include never-before-seen excerpts and out-takes from the film, plus feature freelancers we know (and love)!

Co-directed by Dan McComb and Ben Medina, SHINE is the untold story of entrepreneurs struggling to build the businesses of their dreams in the depths of recession. Based on 250 interviews with mostly small entrepreneurs conducted on May 6, 2009, SHINE introduces us to a wide spectrum of entrepreneurship. From a toothless cowboy poet to a Stanford engineer who sold his business for $500 million, we learn that growing a business is more often about passion than it is money, and why entrepreneurs work long hours for low pay, few benefits, facing great uncertainty. Interviews with iStockphoto founder Bruce Livingstone reveal the high personal price that some entrepreneurs are willing to pay for success in this sober yet inspiring look at the brave thinkers and creative doers who run 4 out of 5 businesses in the United States.

SHINE is a film that takes us beyond the hype for a glimpse at the soul of entrepreneurship.

Watch the trailers + read the press release here:

Come to CFC Aug 26-28 in San Diego to see it in person and be in the company of others who SHINE.

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