Skype/video conferencing: how is it changing the way you do biz?

In the last year, I’ve started appearing on video a lot more often…though not in the way you might think. I’m getting a growing number of requests from clients and creative partners to replace phone conversations with videoconferences.

I’ve also noticed that it’s causing insidious changes in the way I work from home. For example, I’m finding that I’m less likely to skip shaving in the morning. I’ve become more careful about how I dress, how I arrange my office, and how often I clean my desk (or at least push clutter off-camera). Just this week I rearranged my desk so that my computer camera now faces a bookcase instead of a sunny window that I had to close whenever someone came calling on video.

I’ll be frank: as a recovering introvert, there are times when I resent people looking into my world this way. Didn’t I become a freelance creative so that I could have more control over my work environment?

Am I alone in this?

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One thought on “Skype/video conferencing: how is it changing the way you do biz?

  1. Mig Reyes

    I think video conferencing is definitely allowing all of us to stay connected and reach out to our peers faster and easier than we would have imagined. Video chats may be a little “weird” to some at first, but it’s been such a staple to the way a lot of my friends and I get work done.
    I’m super stoked to have launched a new inspiration blog powered by inspiring creative professionals, and yep, you guessed it, video!