Start Linking

More advice on the social media/online networking front, just in case you're still hesitant or don't see the value. (I was in that position just 6 months ago; now I'm a social media convert.)

Kristen Fischer, the prolific freelance writer and blogger who's super involved in the freelance community (and occasional writer for HOW), has a great piece on why you should be actively involved on LinkedIn.

She writes in a post on FreelanceSwitch:

Sometimes freelancers don’t use career tools because they think that
these resources are only geared for job-hunters and corporate
ladder-climbers. But some career tools are just too good to pass up,
and I think LinkedIn Recommendations is one of them.

Fischer writes about REALLY using LinkedIn, going beyond setting up a profile and making a couple of connections. The site is great for building your professional reputation by answering questions that pertain to your specialty, capturing testimonials from people you've worked with and also giving recommendations for others.

If you're new to LinkedIn, I'd suggest you start with our very own Creative Freelancer Group, where you'll find lots of folks like you who are interested in learning and sharing from each other. I look forward to Linking with you!