Tax-time is over – what’s next?

Just because tax time is over, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about finances until next April. To set up a strong financial situation for your business, it takes some effort the whole year through. But the “financial” talk doesn’t need to be overwhelming. That’s why we love Galia Gichon’s “Down to Earth” approach to finance.

Founder of Down To Earth Finance and speaker at this year’s Creative Freelancer Conference (June 5-6 in Denver), Galia Gichon is getting a lot of well-deserved press lately for her helpful offerings. Take a look:

  • Picked by New York Magazine, again, for "2010 BEST OF," Galia and Erica Ecker, The Spacialist, are presenting the live teleclass: Find More Money Just by Getting Organized on Wed May 19 7-8:30pm EST. If you are overwhelmed by piles of bank statements, brokerage reports, utility bills, credit card statements and receipts, then this teleclass is for you. Register and more info here.
  • Ever considered working with a financial planner? This article in the Daily News shows how Galia worked with a specific client in helping her with her investment portfolio. It also details the questions you should ask when looking for a financial planner.  Read the article here.
  • Galia’s My Money Matters Kit kit was featured on The Today Show! Get motivated by the money affirmations, instantly read the money tips and fill out the workbooks. 
  • Galia was also featured in the New York Times article, Financial Advice by Women for Women.

If you’d like to see Galia talk finance in-person, register today for the Creative Freelancer Conference.