The Power of Networking

I had to share this, not just as a great example of how networking can lead to a positive business relationship, but also because I had to brag on my dog, Wrigley.

At CFC back in August, I met designer Kristin Bowen, a solopreneur who has a thriving side business called DogHouse Custom Pet Portraits. If you met me at CFC, you probably know of my fondness for Wrigley.

when Kristin handed me her business card (brilliant networker that she
is), I knew immediately that we had to work together on Wrigley's

The proof that I received from Kristin totally made
me smile this week, so I thought I'd share (see the photo reference I
provided and Kristin's portrait). Dog-lovers, you gotta check out Kristin's work! I totally love it!

Picture 1