The right attitude for marketing…

Ilise BenunIt’s that time again, Marketing Monday! And we’ll start off with an interview that everyone was raving about last week over at the Marketing Mix Blog.

I interviewed Martha Retallick, of Western Sky Communications (who is about to release an ebook — so watch this space for that) about the way she has tailored her marketing strategy to her own needs instead of following what everyone else seems to be doing.

“I’ve  been in the design business for 15 years, and I’ve never had the luxury of depending on word of mouth. Instead, I’ve had to pick up the phone  and ask strangers for their business. And, in my case, cold calling has  led to the most lucrative clients I’ve ever had.”

When we spoke in August, Martha had made an amazing 3081 phone calls, 80% of which went to voice mail. Of those, 99 prospects had expressed some level of interest (approximately 3% positive response).

In our 20-minute interview (link below), she describes her target market and her simple process to find and reach them. She explains how she tracks her calls (her ebook will have a usable example of the spreadsheet she uses) and actually recites her no-BS phone script.

But what’s most impressive about Martha is her attitude (which you can hear most clearly in the interview).

Listen here or download the mp3 here.

What do you think of this? Could you do it for yourself? Would you?

Listen to BTW: [audio:]

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