The Future of Journalism

This week, one of my favorite bloggers, Marci Alboher, author of One Person/Multiple Careers and the NY Times blog, Shifting Careers will be speaking on a panel on March 20 at a conference in Boston on the Future of Journalism.

In a preview of her comments, posted on her blog this week, she supported what we are seeing and the reason we started the Creative Freelancer Conference in the first place.

She writes, "If you are looking for a job where someone will take care of the economics while you take care of the journalism, you will be disappointed. So I think we’ll be seeing more people working to build their business skills (as CEOs of their own mini journalism businesses) in addition to working on their storytelling and reporting skills. It will be very hard for those who are really not inclined to find “sponsors” for their work, but journos aren’t the only ones facing this transitions. Talk to artists and they deal with the same conflict."