Top Apps Every Graphic Designer Needs

Apps Every Graphic Designer Needs

As we all know, graphic design can be done on our phones. What apps are the best? That’s beyond your typical cheesy photo apps or the (heaven forbid) pre-designed template apps that attempt to erase designers altogether (shudder). From Typecast, which gives access to fonts, to MyPrice, which helps freelance designers calculate their hourly rate for various projects, there are dozens of apps to choose from. These apps are more for the seasoned pro than the beginner, but take a look at these (mostly) free apps and see if you need to download them right now to work smarter, quicker and kill time when you’re in public transportation, for business, pleasure, brainstorming or just sketching out quick ideas with your finger, here are a few old ones, new ones and a few favorites.


Imagine iPhone Notes, links, checklists, tables, attachments and audio recordings; even handwritten notes are combined and searchable. It’s a great app for brainstorming.


Bored on an airplane with no WiFi? Fret not, as Pocket app allows you to read articles on the go without internet. After downloading the app, every time you open an article on a website or news app, there’s the option to save it in your ‘pocket,’ or the app to read later. Catch up on your reading when you least expect it.

apps every graphic designer needs

My Price

This money app helps freelancers calculate how much they should charge for their work by the hour, combined with their profile, experience and other factors, like with a lot of accessories with a wide price range and will give a platform to buyer at a very negotiable price in the market and will also seller who can also quote for their price other than the price provided on the website. this site will help to buyer and seller to have a great price.

apps every graphic designer needs


While design is one thing, words are another. This is the app for deciding on typography, as here you will find access to over 90,000 fonts from, Adobe Typekit, Font Deck, Webtype and MyFonts. There’s also a format to help use the right typeface for your project and to use visual controls to change text size, line height and letter spacing.

apps every graphic designer needs

Pantone Studio

It’s what you think – and a bit more. The quintessential color swatch company offers a selection of over 13,000 hues to choose from and save your selections for design works, photos and to sync the software with other devices. “The app was building off of two fundamentals: inspiration and workspace,” said John Noe, CEO of Rokkan, the agency that sparked the concept. 

apps every graphic designer needs

Adobe Preview CC

This app lets you preview Photoshop-made web design before it goes live, as it boasts “from Photoshop to preview to perfect.” Even if you make changes in Photoshop CC, it’ll be changed in real time in Adobe Preview CC, too. 

Autodesk SketchBook

Unlike other drawing apps, this one is for free, making it really popular for iPad users. Even for iPhone, it’s still easy to use with the wide selection of over 150 digital pencils, markers and airbrushers fit for the screen, and the option for overlays, transparencies, annotations and blend modes. Great for making quick ideas on the run (or on the subway).

Palettes Pro

Need to make a mood board palette? Look no further, as this app allows you to manage color palettes for your future design projects, there’s also an option to save images and websites to your palette. To Do Cloud Ah yes, the endless to do list. Organize your projects in a series of checklists with deadlines and priority sequences, color codings and more.


This an app which tallies up your income and expenses, including credit card payments, invoices, write offs and recreational expenses to see how much you’re really spending every month. The results can be surprising.

apps every graphic designer needs

Unroll me

If you have fallen victim to email newsletters, this app is a life saver. With a few clicks, connect your email account to this app and unsubscribe from hundreds of newsletters you’ve been signed up to (it also reveals how recently you were signed up – and duplicate sign ups). This app will literally brighten your day and its free.


This app is an online photo editor that goes beyond your typical filters – there are 600 effects, borders and overlays and a bit of vanity scrubbing (teeth whitening, blemish covering, etc). Imagine a lighter, more simple version of Photoshop with a few decorative perks and you get the idea.

apps every graphic designer needs