Tweeting the Conference

After my previous skepticism about all things Twitter (just ask Jeff Fisher!), I've become a real believer it its ability to connect people and help them share information. Sure, there are lots of Twitter users who just post about what they had for breakfast (frankly, I just don't follow those users). But I've seen firsthand how it can be used for real networking and business purposes.

At the HOW Design Conference in June, I was amazed at the sheer number of attendees who were literally taking notes in sessions and posting them via Twitter. Here was Debbie Millman, president of AIGA, actively tweeting live from the conference.

If you're on Twitter and you're planning to attend CFC next week, be sure to follow HOW (@HOWmag) and mark your tweets with the hashtag #CFConf. Let's use Twitter to share what we're learning, make plans to meet up and connect with other conference-goers.