Using Twitter to develop relationships

Ever wonder how, exactly, to connect with prospects through Twitter? Here is how Shala Graham from SW Creatives is developing relationships within her market, non-profits.

I start following tweets of nonprofit orgs, and if I see a need, I'll respond to it, whether it is going down to drop off supplies or re-tweeting their needs. Some, I've given suggestions to improve the colors on their twitter feed (they were using soft yellow for text). Then I tweet helpful resources for nonprofits and I'm sure to tag it as #nonprofit. When I decided last summer to focus on nonprofits, I became a corporate member of the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington DC, so I of course follow their tweets and check out their twitter member list. So when I am able to connect with a nonprofit member, I let them know that I too am a member and they can pick my brain whenever they like. I also started a list, places to volunteer in DC, and tweeted about it, asking if orgs want me to include them on our list.

Are you using Twitter to meet new prospects? If so, please share your approach. What is working for you?

One thought on “Using Twitter to develop relationships

  1. Stephen Tiano

    As a book designer–primarily interiors, tho’ I’ll do the occasional challenging cover (that isn’t drawing or painting intensive, as I am not that kind of artist)–I use Twitter by following people in publishing (other designers, as well as those who might need a freelance book designer’s services). And I offer the benefit of my almost 20 years of experience as a book designer and layout artist. I also tweet about what interests and amuses me and, in doing so, give a sense of where I come from as a designer. It’s working rather well for me, as it’s allowed me to branch out into working with self-publishing authors far more than I ever expected to.