Vet the tire-kickers

Ilise BenunIt’s Marketing Monday again! And the last week before year end when you can keep up the marketing, especially early in the week.
One aspect of marketing that doesn’t get enough attention is how to deal with people who come your way but aren’t right for you. Learning how to vet those prospects, whether they are tire-kickers or simply don’t meet your criteria, is important. Otherwise you waste that precious time which you could be spending on proactive marketing.
For more on this, read the article from the Parse blog called, “Deflate the Tire-kickers.” Here’s an excerpt:
Too many designers are tempted by the dangling carrot of a new project, investing valuable time in preliminary meetings, research and proposal-writing—only to receive from the prospect a brief “Thanks, but we’ll pass” (and sometimes not even that). Learning to vet these tire kickers in advance will save you time, money and lots of disappointment.