What downturn?

Downturn? Some designers, agencies and marketers are licking their
chops, seeing in the current state of things opportunity rather than
doom. (Presumably, those people aren't Bernie Madoff's clients.)

Two items caught our attention this week: First, a report from FunctionFox with results of their recent survey of creative firms. This Creative Industry Outlook Survey
found that people in our business are optimistic looking ahead to 2009:
72% of respondents expect revenues to grow or remain steady despite the
downturn. More highlights:

* 23% expects to increase their staff in 2009  
* 61% expects to maintain current staff size  
* 33% of firms feel positive about their abilities to refocus their approach and positioning 
* 20% see new media, such as social networks, as their greatest opportunity in 2009  

agency Ogilvy & Mather, citing a recent AdAge headline declaring,
"Remarkable innovation occurs in marketing and media in the worst of
times," has launched a website
to help marketers think and act strategically … now. The site offers
four position papers on tapping PR, making the most of creative assets
and more. Smart.

last item via UnBeige

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