What it takes to be a successful freelancer

To be successful as a freelancer, you must be able to distinguish between reality and myth, but sometimes it's not so easy.

One of the common myths about freelancing is that you will be able to do what you want, whenever you want.

Well, that's kind of true, except that finding the work that's out there (and believe me, it's out there), requires doing some things you may not exactly want to do, like networking or picking up the phone or even getting up early when you feel like sleeping in.

Listen to this short (10 minute) excerpt from my workshop for creative freelancers, presented at the recent HOW Conference in Austin. In it, I outline why now is, hands down, the best time for freelancers to build a business. I offer 10 myths and realities of being a successful freelancer, including why getting your work via word of mouth isn't as great as you think it is.

Downloadable mp3: http://tinyurl.com/m6kjw2
listen online: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/W2Wcr9B7