What’s New for CFC

This year's CFC (that's #CFConf for you Twitter folks) will be, in most respects, the kind of small, focused, hands-on, connected event that creative freelancers have come to expect since the event debuted in 2008. But in Denver, it'll be a bit more than that, and I'm really excited about it. Let me explain:

The small-by-design nature of CFC is perfect for learning and networking, but it also means that some of the better features of a larger event like the HOW Conference just aren't feasible.

Like, we've tried to offer a bookstore at previous CFC's, but we haven't been able to offer more than a couple of speaker books. And while a handful of sponsors have supported the event, the size of the group hasn't enabled a fully stocked Resource Center.

In Denver, CFCers will get those goodies, and more. On Sunday evening, CFC will wrap up by merging with the HOW and In-HOWse conferences for a major keynote presentation by the inspiring Andy Stefanovich. And then we'll all head into the Resource Center for a big party. You can fill up on all the paper samples, giveaways, catalogs, new-product info and more—stuff you can't get anywhere else. You can hit the bookstore to re-stock your design library. And you can connect with other creative pros from all over the country and beyond. I, for one, am looking forward to it!