Your Own Professional Coach – One Day Only

photo from Shutterstock

If you’ve ever considered hiring a professional business coach, HOW has an incredible option for you, and it’s FREE! On January 10, Marketing Mentor Ilise Benun will deliver her annual New Year’s marketing pep talk. The topic–Grow Your Business in 2013–is no doubt a resolution for millions of creative professionals. Benun will get you started with strategies on reaching, connecting and converting contacts to clients.

What’s the secret formula to driving more growth for your business? Hard work. But it doesn’t have to be grueling or energy-depleting hard work. Top professionals know the key to building any client list is having the right tools to streamline and in some cases automate your engagement activities. Did you know that devoting 30 minutes a day to completing one simple marketing task can bring you more business? That’s right, just one!

Benun’s pep talk will provide a solid push into 2013 with three essential marketing tools, a seven step sample outreach campaign to generate leads, nine topic ideas to engage your connections via e-newsletters and blog posts, as well as email message templates you can use for follow-up. It’s not about passive engagement. Benun will provide solutions you can use immediately and it’s available for free.

Participants will also be given a coupon for $10 off Benun’s newly launched 2013 marketing calendars AND if you’re ready to build your interactive client list, you’ll earn 20% off her upcoming Interactive Business Development Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is designed for those who are looking to reposition their business, and will teach you how to write interactive project proposals and price your work.

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