You’re a freelancer…now what?

I’m getting messages lately from a lot of creative professionals who have been freelancing on the side but suddenly have no choice now but to take it seriously, which I think is the good news. (But then, I have a bias for self employment.)

There are a lot of myths about freelancing that get in the way of being successful. One of the main ones is this:

“If you do good work, clients will flock to your door.”

There is no flocking involved, especially not now. But even though the news is dire, there is work out there. I hear about it every day from my clients, other creatives who spend their time checking in with past clients (that means picking up the phone and calling). These creatives are the ones who are getting the work. And believe me, there’s work.

One client forwarded a message from someone she’s never heard of who was asking her to bid on all her publication work because they are now freelancing all of it out! And they’re not the only ones.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about what it takes to build a thriving freelance business, join me next Thursday, March 19, for the first Creative Freelancer Webinar, “You’re a freelancer…now what? 9 Things You Need to Know to Start Smart.”

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