10 Things to Know When Planning an Ecommerce Website

Over at Imprint, Christopher Butler wrote a great piece on Planning an Ecommerce Website.

Imagine you decide to quit your job, move to a cozy, small town, and set up a shop of your own. It’d be great. Nothing flashy, of course; something nice, like a fine hats shop. Yeah, that’s the ticket. You’ve always liked hats, and really, there aren’t enough hat shops out there. Your new community will thank you for bringing hats back, not to mention a little slice of the good old-fashioned American dream. Of course, you’ll make new friends. They’ll stop by your shop to shoot the breeze over coffee around the hat counter and you’ll join them for weekend picnics in their back yards.

And then reality sets in. What do you even know about running an e-commerce website? Christopher offers answers to the most frequently asked questions, including:

  • How does accepting credit cards work?
  • Instead of building something custom, are there third-party shopping cart tools I can use?
  • What else do I need to know about data security?
  • Do I have to charge sales tax?
  • How much does it cost to set up an online store?

Find all the answers over at Imprint.