10 Websites That Changed The World: With Screenshots

The only beef I have with Forbes’ piece Ten Websites That Changed The World is that the article doesn’t include hyperlinks or images.

It is European Internet Week and Jim Boulton has curated an exhibition of those 10 websites. They are a quirky choice. It’s unlikely you will have heard of many of them. And that’s the point. We’re fixated on the rapid evolution of web technology. The time has come to call a halt, at least for a week and admire what a small group of artists, designers, and creatives did to make the web an integral and potent part of our daily lives.

You can check out the Digital Archaeology website here. Here are links and images to go with Jim’s list of the 10 Websites that Changed the World:

1. Birth of the web, 1991 (screenshot circa 1992)

2. Antirom, 1994

3. The Blue Dot, 1995 (screenshot circa 1997)

4. Word.com, 1995 (screenshot circa 1996)

5. Noodlebox, 1997

6. Head Space, 1997 (screenshot circa 2000)

7. Modern Living, 1998 (screenshot circa 1999)

8. PS2 Pray Station 2, 2000

9. Requiem for a Dream, 2000

10. Subservient Chicken, 2004