2 Holiday Design Tips from Adobe

Many of my designer friends are putting the final touches on their holiday cards or winter-inspired projects, and I’m sure many of you are doing the same. And some of them are sitting in fear of the last minute, “Hey, you can make something together for the holidays, right?” request to come along. Our friends at Adobe have reached out again with some design tips for creating projects in Muse and Illustrator. Go ahead, whip up that card for Mom or your department.

Muse CC
This is a neat little surprise. Download the from the new Adobe Muse Exchange. Click on the link, save the file to your desktop and then click on it and Muse will open automatically. Once the image is on your canvas, what looks like a simple winter tree will become a winter scene as snow begins to fall.

Adobe Muse CC Winter Wonderland copyHere’s a step-by-step guide from Adobe:

  • Go to: http://muse.adobe.com/exchange-library/winter-wonderland
  • Download the Muse Library Item to your desktop
  • Double-click the item, which loads it into your Muse Library panel
  • Drag the Winter Wonderland item onto the canvas
  • Define your Background and Page colors to anything besides white
  • Select File > Preview in Browser

Bam! You have yourself a little winter wonderland.


Need a last minute card? Check out these tips for Illustrator CC
Adobe created their own holiday card by first creating a custom border, using stock photography, and they provided a guide to make your own. First, create a custom border using images in brushes. Pick out some stock photos or your own pictures that works best. Adobe chose a holiday garland pic for the image brush.

Step 1-- Holiday garland copy


Now, create a pattern brush with the image. There are also some auto-corners in pattern brushes that you can use if you’re playing with a geometric border and you need to get the corners perfect.  For their card, Adobe created a color theme with Adobe Kuler.  The theme should automatically sync with Illustrator and become a color group in the Kuler panel. Adobe chose a gradient background, which you can see in the third image below.

Step 2 -- pattern brush

Step 3-- Step 4-- gradient copyFinally, add a dash of copy and create your message with the Touch Type tool.  This will allow you to create individual characters to get a custom layout. You can edit the text at any time, in case you need to update the copy.

Holiday Card finalAbove, you can see Adobe’s final card. One cool thing about the Illustrator CC is that you can share your work to Behance – and maybe build up that portfolio.


Additional Resources
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