2011 Web Designer’s Wishlist

If you’re looking for gifts for the interactive designers in your life (or for yourself—hey, ’tis this season for justification), look no further than our 2011 Web Designer’s Wishlist. We frequently feature droolworthy products as a weekly Wishlist post on this blog, but this the list to top them all.

TouchFire: The Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad: The existence of this low-profile keyboard for iPad might make me actually buy an iPad. It’s a Kickstarter project, so the keyboards aren’t available yet, but the designers have reached nearly 10 times their proposed funding amount. Reserve one for yourself for $45.

HOW iPhone and iPad cases with gorgeous geometric designs and a little HOW logo. Our sister magazine Print also has a store with their own designs, all in classy grayscale. Prices start at $39.95.

UI Stencils: The sketchpads for iPhone, iPad and Windows phone are awesome, but the iPhone stencil just blows my mind. The stainless steel template comes with a mechanical pencil and other accoutrements to turn literally any surface into a brainstorming zone. Paper pads from $8.95, stencils from $26.95.

Digits Conductive Glove Pins: If neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail keeps you from your mobile device, you probably need these. They snap into any woven glove (or mitten, I suppose) to let you Tweet about how cold it is where you live. $11.99.

Ps magnet set: Turn your fridge door into a canvas with this 13-piece magnet set. $39.

Command-O doormat: Meninos’ Slide to Unlock doormat is currently sold out, but this one is just as clever. $69.99.

Moleskine Star Wars notebooks: Pick sides with these limited edition notebooks. They come in two sizes and are aligned with the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. $14.95 to $19.95.

Dot Grid Journal: Break away from lines and boxes with Behance’s beautiful, sustainable dot grid notebook. $16.50.

A Website that Works: Mark O’Brien of Newfangled wrote this book for marketers, designers, and advertisers who want to make their websites into a business-generating tools. $24.95.

Web Designer’s Idea Collection: Patrick McNeil’s bestselling books about web design are available in a pack: You can get both of the books plus his three-part DesignCast series for $64.99.

Above the Fold: This book, about the timeless fundamentals of effective communication within the context of Web design, will help you understand the considerations that web designers make when developing successful websites. $17.99.