3 Awesome Web Typography Resources

Gone are the days of ugly default fonts—these your website can be as awesome as you want it to be. Especially thanks to these three great resources:

  • Type-a-file: Plug-and-play CSS file for awesome web typography? Yes, please! Choose from eight pre-made stylesheets (some use Typekit fonts), and tweak them if you like.
  • Web Typography for the Lonely: The crazy example up top comes from this site, which features incredible uses of web type (also with Typekit fonts). Every awesome experiment comes with code, so you can try it out yourself.
  • Nice Web TypeTim Brown, the type manager for Adobe Typekit, collects great resources for web typography, and even has a landing spot for web type beginners.

All of those resources require some coding knowledge—if you’re a newbie when it comes to dealing with websites, consider Patrick McNeil’s HOW U courses on interactive design, or join us for today’s DesignCast that’s all about designing for the web!

More web type resources

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