5 Cool Interactive Design Tools to Get Your Hands On

Editor’s Note: HOW interactive design expert James Pannafino explores five interactive tools to help streamline your design experiences.

5 Cool Interactive Design Tools

Velositey Free with a tweet or post to Facebook

Velositey is a Photoshop extension that allows web designers and developers to speed up their workflow. Velositey’s Photoshop palette is clear and easy to use, it’s divided into three tabs, Layout, Style and Tools. If you create website comps in Photoshop, this tool is worth exploring. Velositey is open source under the MIT License, and it’s free when you share it as a tweet or post on Facebook.


Pesticide Open Source

cool interactive design tools, pesticide

Pesticide allows web designers to see the outline of elements on web pages without viewing the code. You can use pesticide in two ways, through local development and as a chrome extension. Once the chrome extension version is loaded into the browser, you simply click on the icon and the browser will outline the element of the given web page you’re on. This tool is a great way to see how websites are structured.


Placehold It Free (donation appreciated)

placeholdit; cool interactive design tools

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. PlaceHold It is “a quick and simple image placeholder service.” It allows users to easily create place holder images for web designs without linking an image file. Simply copy and paste the place hold image source code, input the size you want and a gray box with the size will appear in that place when you preview the HTML in the browser. Easy and super helpful.


Snapnote Online Version Free

snapnote; cool interactive design toolsEver want to share an annotation on a visual image but didn’t want to have to open a bloated graphics program, export it, compose an email, attach it and then send? Snapnote is an annotation program that allows users to add notes and visual direction, then quickly share a link to others. Snapnote comes in two formats, an online free version and a desktop paid version.


Skala Color Free

interactive design tools; skalacolor

Skala Color is a OS X color picker that works in most Mac apps. While it might come across as a standard color picker, it has features that work well for web design and development. Skala Color is compact and free to download.

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