5 Ways to Present Your Online Design Portfolio

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As a burgeoning designer, little is more important to your career than an effective design portfolio. Naturally, print design portfolios come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creative styles, but the increasing importance of digital portfolios has resulted in some phenomenal designer websites as well.

While your skill will be apparent in your work, it’s crucial that the presentation of your online design portfolio both complements your personal style and effectively showcases your talent.

While there are many web platforms that enable you to create a design portfolio, we’re particularly fond of Squarespace, both for its versatility and its beginner-friendly usability. After all, even if you’re not a web designer, you still need a great portfolio website where you can display your work and demonstrate the breadth of your abilities.

Squarespace is a publishing platform that allows users to create stunning portfolios, online stores and blogs—or all three in one. With dozens of gorgeous, customizable templates to choose from, you can create a website that demonstrates your abilities and impresses employers and visitors alike, all without writing code.

Once you create your site, Squarespace’s super simple drag-and-drop functionality helps you customize the design and upload your work in no time at all. You also get a ton of handy perks, like all-in-one service provides content management, hosting, domains, social integrations, e-commerce and 24-hour customer support.

The new Squarespace 7 update offers even more awesome features, including a redesigned interface, new templates, a partnership with Getty images, Google Apps integration, and the Cover Pages feature, which lets you put up a one-page website in minutes. Give it a shot with a 14-day free trial, and use the exclusive offer code HOWMAG10 to take 10% off.

Looking for ideas to customize your design portfolio website? Check out these 5 different approaches to portfolio design using Squarespace.


When creating a digital design portfolio, Ilise Benun advises designers to exhibit a variety of their best work.

“Present your portfolio so that visitors can see a range of work at a glance,” Benun writes in Crafting Your Online Presence, “then click through to view larger images, multiple shots of different projects and supporting information about each piece.”

Illustrator/designer/fine artist ZSO, aka Sara Blake, makes great use of this on her portfolio design’s homepage. She also includes clear links where users can go to purchase her work, read her bio or check out her design blog.


Fullscreen Squares

Only “for the valiant of heart,” Seth Rexilius’ portfolio site greets visitors with a captivating background image, followed by a fullscreen grid of his design work. Memorable and distinctive, this site takes advantage of many of Squarespace’s great site features.


Informative Icons

Garrett Shaw’s design portfolio website presents visitors with information about himself and his work, while also giving viewers a taste of his design style. His awesome personal logo dominates the homepage, and icons that adjust seamlessly among devices clearly indicate what you’ll find on his website. Once you click through to view his work, you’ll find several beautiful slideshows featuring logo designs, illustrations and more.


Face Forward

John Rushing’s design portfolio site features a welcome page with a headshot and a brief bio. Enter the side for a dynamic grid-style display of his work with simple yet effective sidebar navigation. Rushing-Design-PortfolioRushing-Design-Portfolio

Large and in Charge

Visitors to Tanamachi Studio, the website of the consistently amazing Dana Tanamachi, are presented with an immediate, full-size image of her latest work with a helpful caption. Click or swipe through to explore the work in each category or explore using the clean, unobtrusive menu in the sidebar, which enables quick and easy navigation, inviting visitors to explore more of her work.

This portfolio design also takes full advantage of Squarespace’s responsive functionality, displaying a different but equally effective experience when it’s viewed on mobile devices. Tanamachi-Design-PortfolioTanamachi-Design-Portfolio

Showcase your design work with Squarespace‘s beautiful fullscreen presentation, dynamic slideshows and exceptional responsive functionality. Your registration comes with the free Squarespace Portfolio app for iPad and iPhone, allowing you take your work anywhere—no internet connection needed. Start your 14-Day trial today, and enter offer code HOWMAG10 to take 10% off.