Smart + Radical Web Design: A List Apart

A List Apart is a very well-known blog among web designers and developers; they recently relaunched their site with a fresh new design. The brand is recognized for its high quality content, careful and deliberate design decisions and forward-thinking approaches.

A List Apart

With the web all a-craze with “flat pixel designs“, it’s refreshing (although not surprising) that the ALA team didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Yes, the site has a minimalist quality to it; yes, it relies on solid colors. But by no means does it leap onto the trend we see unfolding across the web. It really can be tempting to buy into the latest trends and styles and forget who you are. However, A List Apart did not fall into this trap. The new design is faithful to the visual roots of the site yet takes a vivid step forward. In some ways, this approach to website design is a radical one: There is no main navigation on the home page, no sidebars, no banner ads, no list of posts. Just a singular focus on the latest content.

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