Adobe Muse Beta User? Download this Update

Just got word from Adobe that anybody using Muse, a program that lets you create websites without writing code, needs to update their software:

Due to changes to the installer, older versions of Muse beta releases will expire in March 2012. In order to continue using Muse without interruption, all beta users will need to download the Beta 6 update from the Muse website.

Muse Beta 6 provides more than 80 updates and performance enhancements including: support for auto-scrolling in the Design view; the ability to view site updates in the browser without having to clear the cache; and reduced export and publishing time with adjustable amounts of data in image files.

For users interested in downloading Beta 6 or viewing a gallery of Muse-created websites and instructional tutorials visit The initial release is expected to be available in early 2012 as a subscription-only product.

Read more about Muse: