Analytics for Web Designers

The idea of web designers needing to pay attention to analytics keeps popping up on my radar lately. Grace blogged last week about paying for analytics information, and I wrote an intro to Google Analytics last year:

The true power of Google Analytics lies in its ability to inform your design decisions and help you improve performance. If you focus on addressing your client’s needs and measure the results with analytics, your clients will love you. The best part is that you can still design beautiful sites; you’re just adding a layer of strategy to them.

The web is the most trackable medium ever. No other media—radio? newspapers? direct-to-fax marketing?—offer the possibilities of tracking results that the web does, so why not put it to work for you?

Christopher Butler of Newfangled has been writing a series for Imprint based on his HOW Interactive Design Conference presentation. (You can watch the whole session on Design TV.) Check those out here:

And .net magazine just published a piece on five important things to pay attention to within Google Analytics. More links to come, I’m sure!