QR Codes: 7 Best Practices

You know how we feel about QR codes. The little mobile tags serve businesses more than they do consumers—and without the consumers on board, there’s really no point. Honestly, I’m a little surprised people are still trying to make QR codes happen. 

Lisa Barone over at Outspoken Media also has a bone to pick with QR codes. “What I’m noticing even more than the sheer explosion of QR codes is that often the QR code campaign is doing little more than embarrassing the brand it’s associated with,” she writes. Don’t fall into the QR code snakepit of endless redirects, non-mobile-optimized content and nonsensical gimmicks. She’s got 7 best practices for using QR codes.

Read more at Even Bill Cosby Can’t Make Bad QR Codes Funny, and take a walk down memory lane with a CueCat.

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