Chart.js: Great Website Offering Free Chart Tools

Chart.js website homepage

Creating something cool and giving it away online is an age-old tradition of the internet, especially when it comes to nifty web-based widgets. This open-source community has allowed many of us to build the web design skills we have. My own web skills are deeply rooted in the self directed learning I’ve pursued, all of which was based on what others were willing to share. Chart.js is a great resource that fits into the community of resources—it offers up free tools to create great online charts. And while many people have been giving away slick things for many years, it seems that still only a small subset manages to give their freebie an online presence that makes it stand out. This is an amazing tool, and the gorgeous site that shares it with the world speaks volumes about the love and care put into the project. And more importantly, it says something about the people behind it. In my opinion, developing something like this can be an incredible way to build exposure.

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