Better Web Design Project Management with Proof

Editor’s Note: HOW interactive design expert James Pannafino examines tools to help you focus and streamline your design practice for the best possible outcomes. 

Does your workflow look like this: Create a design and then send it to a developer–resulting in back-and-forth via dozens of emails exchanges? After awhile you find yourself knee-deep in an email chain of comments and image attachments that are far from accessible–regardless of the client. This can be a frustrating and less-than-agile project management system to say the least …

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The good news is that the team at Mixmax has developed Proof: an alpha app aimed to empower designers and design teams to do awesome work. A collaborative design tool, Proof facilitates better conversations and efficiency. You can share design work instantly, receive feedback from stakeholders and better manage conversations and outcomes.

Proof’s Key Features for Design Project Management

Easy Drag / Drop System + Link Sharing

Take a screen shot or copy and paste design comps straight into the web browser to share work instantly. Once the image is placed into the Proof web page, it automatically creates an unquote URL to share with a colleague.


Clear Comment Tags and Conversation View

With one click, comments tags can be placed directly onto the design to provide instant feedback and facilitate creative collaboration. You can even choose from the section of different tags to fit your needs. Although each comment tag has its own thread, not to worryProof has a long-form conversation view that shows the progress of the conversation in one easy-to-access place.

Proof has been used by designers at various companies such as Facebook, IDEO, Google, Dropbox, Yahooand it’s spread across the globe to countries mixmax never imagined they’d reach like Latvia, Egypt, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Bolivia.

The Mixmax team, Olof Mathe, Chanpory Rith and Brad Vogel, have big plans in store, and if you’re curious sign up to be notified of future developments at

Check out the team from Mixmax discuss Proof in the below demo-video from the Meteor meet up.

No one loves the sound of the term “project management,” but it’s true that without streamlined workflow processes and collaborative tools at your disposal you could be designing in circles. Tools like Proof can help you better manage your workload, stay connected with your team and expedite feedbackwhile promoting transparency throughout the entire process (so everyone is on the same page).

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    I’d suggest you to check out proofhub. It offers inbuilt proofing tool to manage design files and get quick feedback from client. You can mark comments, draw shapes, highlight portions and add notes. Great for designers. Check out