Can Chrome and Firefox Learn the Same Language?

Over at the Imprint blog, Patric King talks about an initiative to simplify the way browsers complete common tasks:

Every browser needs to be able to embed a Facebook “Like” button. To do that, the browser needs to perform a lot of operations. It needs to display a button sitting in an iframe. That button triggers JavaScript, which then communicates back to Facebook’s servers, which then updates the count of how many clicks the button’s gotten, returns the result to your browser, updates the visual count, and cheerily tells you that all of your friends have liked something, why haven’t you, you loser? Click it already.

When your browser has to perform all of those different steps, it’s effectively using a gazillion words to translate to one simple concept. Why not create a new “verb” for the browsers so they’ll all understand what “Like Button” means for them to do?

Read the whole post on browser actions over at Imprint.

Photo by Natalia Buckley.