Choosing the Right CMS

choosing the right cms

By Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara, Bright Umbrella

Is your website content stale because it’s too hard to update? Do impatient customers click away when they view on phones because your site is too slow? Do you miss marketing opportunities because you can’t launch on-the-fly landing pages?

All of these challenges can be solved with the right content management system (CMS). But while well-known CMSs like WordPress are ubiquitous, they have drawbacks that can be limiting. They simply aren’t the right fit for every website. So how do you choose and invest in the right CMS for your website?

It starts with business needs.

At Bright Umbrella, we believe a CMS is more than software. It’s an investment that should support your business and digital marketing. To achieve that, though, you have to first define your needs:

  • What are your business goals for the web?
  • How does your website fit into your overall marketing?
  • Will multiple people be managing content for the site?
  • Do you need editorial approvals built into workflows?
  • Do you want to offer online event registration?
  • Will you promote your blog across social media networks?

Next, software comes into play. Along with ROI.

To get the best “bang for your buck” from your CMS (and, by extension, your website), you have to consider all the costs:

  • Does a free license mean fewer features so that I need to pay for add-ons?
  • If my content management needs aren’t included, what are customization costs?
  • How much does it cost to keep the CMS up-to-date and secure?

And know your expected returns:

  • New staff can get familiar with the CMS in under an hour
  • Marketing can easily create and localize landing pages for regional campaigns
  • The CMS is secure and well-supported

Lastly, skip the boilerplate RFP.

You’ve defined your needs and priorities. You understand license costs, as well as build and maintenance costs. You know what you expect the CMS to deliver for your business and customers.

This due diligence is your key to crafting a non-boilerplate RFP, so you get the CMS you need and avoid yet another costly, lengthy RFP process (while your site stagnates).

Sounds simple, but requires commitment.

This process of choosing a CMS is simple, in that it’s a clear step-by-step approach. But the experience of it takes time and can become intensive — especially if you aren’t familiar with the range (and benefits) of CMS software available today.

Which is why we’re presenting Beyond WordPress: How to Choose the Right CMS at this year’s conference! Join us and learn:

  • How WordPress became so prolific and how what’s popular doesn’t equate to what’s best for your business
  • Examples and benefits of CMSs that aren’t WordPress
  • Even more questions to ask (and why) to define your web and CMS needs

Plus, all Beyond WordPress attendees will get exclusive access to our download Need the Right CMS? Write a Better RFP!

We’ll see you on Friday, May 5 at 4:45pm!