Web Design Studio Command C Redesigns Website

It’s a simple fact of life in the technological era: If your website sucks, people won’t take you seriously. This is as true for restaurants and products as it is for creative freelancers and web design firms. And let’s face it, if you are a web design and development firm, your website needs to be particularly astounding in order to stand out from the crowd. It does help, however, if your staff is comprised of artists and coding geniuses.

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Such is the case with Command C, a web design and development studio that hails from Brooklyn. Comprised of a creative director, project manager, new business guru, developers and a dog named Sushi, the studio just finished redesigning its own website. The company, which collaborates with other agencies, independent businesses and nonprofits to produce web-based solutions to improve workflow, save time and maintain sanity, relaunched the website on July 10.

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The new site allows visitors to navigate portfolio work with ease. Filtering capabilities also mean those looking to hire Command C for a specific web solution can find a similar completed project simply by clicking a box such as “responsive web design” or “magento.”

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What I liked best about the new and improved website design was the impressive level of user friendliness. Drop down menus at the top of every page make getting where you need to go effortless. Left and right arrows allow you to quickly browse large photos of completed work, and the “Who We Are” page features a lovely design and makes potential clients feel at ease about working with the Command C team by introducing each person and encouraging them to get in touch for further information.

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Command C was able to redesign its website in a way that really draws in potential clients. Is your site equally effective? If you need a little help getting started down the path to web-based success, check out the Getting Started in Web Design Collection from My Design Shop.

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