Day 1: Overheard at #HOWidc

Day 1 of the conference has been packed with good information and good times. Here are some choice quotes from our speakers—and from eavesdropping in the conference hall:

“Please turn off your iPhones and Androids. If you have a Blackberry, you may be in the wrong room.” — Bridgid McCarren

“The user is the one common language.” — Jose Caballer

“WordPress is almost always the answer.” — Patrick McNeil

“If you want to talk smack about me, there’s a whole communication channel you can use called Twitter.” — Karen McGrane

“This is one of the most hideous diagrams I’ve ever seen, so maybe the content didn’t want to be on there?” — Karen McGrane

“Most universities have massive information architecture disasters on their hands.” — Mark O’Brien

WordPress or Drupal? “Neither.” — Mark O’Brien

“Less, but better.” — Dieter Rams (not present)

“You almost never have to use Flash for anything … Flash has been a crutch for the design community.” — Mark O’Brien

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Follow the discussion on Twitter to see what happens as it’s happening.