Day 2: Overheard at #HOWidc

Day 2 of the HOW Interactive Design Conference was pretty epic. Here are some choice quotes from the day:

“You all can read, yes? And you know the commands for copy and paste? Then you can do this.” — Matthew Richmond

“Data is just as likely to mislead you as it is to empower you.” — Christopher Butler

“More numbers don’t necessarily mean more intelligence.” — Christopher Butler

“Nobody resizes windows except designers.” — Steve Fisher

“If your site isn’t, don’t get cute.” — Steve Fisher

“Create once, publish everywhere.” — Steve Fisher

“My card doesn’t fit in a rolodex because it doesn’t belong in a Rolodex.” — Ian Clazie

“Iterations lead to more successful interactive experiences.” — Julie Beeler

“If it doesn’t hit you in the heart it won’t ever hit you in the head.” — Julie Beeler

“The world is full of bad content…our job is to elevate the content and bring it to life.” — Julie Beeler

“I believe I cannot be a good web designer if I do not understand code.” — Steve Fisher

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