Deal of the Week: Recharge Your Design Batteries

John O’Reilly and Tony Linkson’s Recharge Your Design Batteries will help shock you out of your complacency, inspire you to look in new directions for radical solutions, and invite you to hone entirely new skill sets. Tactics include:

  • writing must-have lists and storytelling scenarios
  • compiling visual scrapbooks, drawing in sketchbooks and journaling daily
  • establishing a blog with a regular creative challenge
  • launching your own cute product line
  • collecting color and texture swatches and constructing atmospheric mood boards
  • experimenting with still and video cameras and recording experiences and environments
  • sourcing ephemera and found objects from flea-markets to build and display inspirational collections
  • volunteering and working pro-bono
  • and taking trips to discover archival resources

The retail price of this book is $30, but you can get it for $15 at