Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights of the Week


Welcome to the latest edition of Design Finds, where we highlight creative news, happenings and findings from the past week. This week’s selection is all about tech news—developments that impact (or interest) creative professionals. We’ve seen a whole host of news coming our way, so take a dive and find out where the future of design is headed right now.

5 New Developments for Design & Tech News

1. Updates from Microsoft: Surface Studio & More

This week, Microsoft announced its new Surface Studio all-in-one desktop, an upgraded Surface Book, and another Windows 10 update known as the “Creators Update” coming in Spring 2017. This is great news for creatives who prefer Microsoft products over Apple or other competitors that are better-known for designer-friendly software. Read more about these here.



2. The New Macbook Pro

For those who aren’t Microsoft fans, we heard some compelling news from Apple as well: a new Macbook Pro is on its way. Lighter and smaller than its predecessors, the model was expected to be released this summer, but the release was delayed until this month. Particularly interesting is the new “Touch Bar,” an option that will be released on models in the next few weeks and functions (arguably) similarly to an Apple Watch. Learn more here.


3. The Death of Vine (and the Fake Bid to Buy It)

You probably heard that Twitter is discontinuing Vine, its platform for making short-form, looping videos (like a gif with sound, but a little more cumbersome), has been overtaken by Instagram and other platforms with more flexibility. What you might not have heard is the fake bid to purchase it from an unlikely source. The Verge wrote up an interesting piece about the cultural phenomenon that evolved from the use of Vine—and the reasons why it failed.


4. Google’s Jamboard

Google recently unveiled its new Jamboard, 55-inch digital whiteboard on wheels intended a tool for meetings that offers features like a giant touchscreen that you can write and draw on, as well as pulling up spreadsheets and other documents from Google Drive. Personally, I’d be more interested in seeing what it could do for education. More details here.


5. Xiaomi’s Mi MIX

The new smartphone Mi MIX by Xiaomi presents the possibility for an actual Apple competitor in the smartphone space—and apparently it’s even better in terms of design and hardware. The announcement came on the very same day as Apple’s announcement that its revenue had declined for the first time since 2001. More details at FastCo.


Bonus: MondoCon Poster Madness

As a devourer of films and magnificent poster art, I spent 365 days a year dreaming of MondoCon (with a logo design by Aaron Draplin for the 2016 conference). This year, Mark Simpson (AKA Jock), Jay Shaw, and Olly Moss went head-to-head in a one-hour challenge to create a unique movie poster. Read about it and see what they created over at SlashFilm.