Design Job: Coder at ESI Design

Looking for a new job coding interactive projects? ESI Design, a leading experience design firm in New York City, is hiring a creative coder to work on software for a range of clients in retail, exhibits and mobile apps. Click through to learn more and apply:

ESI Design is one of the world’s foremost experience design firms. As an interdisciplinary team of problem solvers, designers, and doers we work at the intersection of physical, digital and social design.

Whether we are inspiring customer-centric innovation for international corporations or inventing new ways to activate public institutions, our mission is the same — to inspire conversation, collaboration, and action.

ESI is looking for a Creative Coder to work as part of a cross-disciplinary team developing experience designs for a range of clients and project types, such as retail, exhibits, innovation centers, web, mobile, and large-scale media in both public and private spaces. The Creative Coder will be responsible for understanding and shaping software strategies employed in our designs. The Creative Coder will support an iterative design approach through rapid software sketches created both to express and explore the design as well as iterations towards the final article. The sketches will be for traditional screen-based experiences as well as non-traditional displays, physical and sensor driven experiences.

The Creative Coder should be able to contribute to creative concepts by providing innovative ideas that can be executed but which push at the boundaries of what is possible. The candidate should be aware of the latest software technologies and the opportunities that they present to broaden our designs. Knowledge of front end and back end software and media platforms, as well as supporting hardware, and its limitations is necessary.


  • Ideation with a focus on data visualization and new opportunities afforded by new software or novel uses of existing software.
  • Working with project teams during research, concept, design, and production phases to guide strategy for both front end and back end software.
  • Support of the design process through software sketching to explore and communicate ideas and information.
  • Create software sketches for rapid testing of design concepts
  • Preparation of design documentation and presentation materials from early concept through UX and IA production documents.
  • Preparation of documentation to provide external vendors with information to complete software and media development bids
  • Data visualization to represent ESI and the work that we do

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