Design Job: Production Artist at JuiceBox Games

Looking for a job in game design? JuiceBox games, a new mobile game developer with a core contingent of Zynga alumni, is hiring a 2D production artist for its office in San Francisco. Click through to learn more and apply:

With a world-class team of cross-discipline Zynga veterans, JuiceBox is going after the underserved “accessible midcore” market. Gamers can play on Apple and Android phones and tablets.

In JuiceBox’s first title, Honorbound, players assemble and train a squad of heroes to save the world. Honorbound is an exciting mashup of traditional RPG elements with the collectible card genre.

Currently, we are staffing up our art team and looking for skilled illustrators to provide production support for lead artists on our character pipeline. This position involves recreating concept designs in vector/paint through an Illustrator -> Photoshop pipeline. This job also involves creating unique, original characters and assets.

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