Design Job: UI Artist at DeNA

Looking for a web design job in San Francisco? DeNA, a fast-growing mobile social entertainment company, is hiring a user interface artist to help create the look of its Mobage social gaming platform. Click through to learn more and apply:

About the job:
Working directly with wonderful bunch of people including a UX lead, product managers and engineers, you will be responsible for translating wireframes into a gorgeous, and aesthetically cohesive experience. This includes everything from the creation of mood boards and comps to well-documented design guidelines and production-ready art assets. As the true owner of the aesthetic, you will work closely with developers to ensure that the working product perfectly matches your designs, down to the very pixel.

About you:
Thoughts of design kiss you good night, visit you in your dreams and wake you in the morning. You consume an insane number of apps solely to find little examples of perfect design and interaction. Your mantra is ‘less is more’ when designing interfaces. Your love of design means that you are never in love with your designs. You seek constructive feedback and are never afraid to go back to the drawing board. You work very well with others, like a good laugh, and demand that fun is at the foundation of your work. Finally, you have a portfolio that communicates your natural talent and passion for creating minimalist, elegant and thoughtful mobile app interfaces.

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